Time to Pudding 🍰

🌱 Seedling

One of the recurring themes I've encountered whilst building and using .lit which had not been an explicit goal at the outset, is the time it takes, from starting to think about a problem... teasing out potential solutions, to knowing if a solution works.

As they say...

The proof is in the pudding.

While this is one of the main benefits of some of the core influencing concepts of .lit namely REPLs and Interactive Notebooks...

It has also become apparent (at least to me) that Literate Programming also plays a part in reducing this time. By co-locating your writing on a particular topic with the (or at least a) solution, the cognitive distance to travel is essentially nil.

From there it kind of depends on the environment if the mechanical distance can be further reduced, which I guess is exactly what interactive notebooks offer.

A possible extention to this is including the time it then takes to be live, a published result, but I suspect this is just me being biased-toward/shilling .lit.

I propose that while there are many metrics by which people choose to grade their engineering endeavours, you should consider your Time to Pudding and how you can reduce it.