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.lit is a plain text document format, really it's just Markdown. But with Sections, Cells, interactive & executable code blocks and meta programming over its own AST.


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⚠️ .lit is still a Work in progress.

This iteration is a from-scratch rewrite of an [initial prototype], with many features yet to be re-implemented.

.lit is the culmination of a few not so disperate ideas: Literate Programming, Interactive Notebooks, Digital Gardens and Wiki.

Meant to enable Guided Learning — where the author shows the reader by tactile example; and exploration or Rapid Prototyping while trying not to be a separate system from which a student or project graduates but which is itself an acceptable development evironment.

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Getting Started

Starter template repo

While .lit is still under active development and not quite ready for prime time, you can fork this GitHub template repository to deploy your own "instance" hosted on GitHub Pages.

From the command line

To use .lit from the command line, see usage and documentation.


Currently my Scratch ⚠️ Pad 🔬 is the closest thing to documentation, start there for now.

  1. A gentle introduction to Markdown
  2. Divergence from Markdown
  3. Sections & Cells
  4. Code Cells
    1. Execute Code Cells
    2. Viewers
    3. Transformers



Built atop the unified ecosystem, specifically remark, which takes .lit Markdown source and outputs .lit AST (Abstract Syntax Tree). Read More


The default render output is html which includes client-side javascript which hydrates a React application. Read More


The static html generated by .lit does not require JavaScript to function for the reader. But by default includes a client bundle which re-hydrates the page to become fully interactive, enabling editing of the original document in place. Read more


.lit has a flexible Plugin system, primarily to allow the author to create custom Viewers and REPLs but also includes other types.


Implemented on top of LightningFS on the client side with pass through reads and writes to a remote backend — currently GitHub API. Read more


Collection of utilities used throughout .lit which should probably be extracted and published as individual packages. Read more


☑️ TODO or in progress

  • REPL output to file and transclude when appropriate
  • Fragments in wiki-links testing/Links
  • Remove global fetch hack for nodejs and bundle properly with webpack
  • Experiments and 🔬 Testing
  • articles/ideas for
  • Backlinks should link to the part of the document of first mention, not the beginning only.
  • Empty document fails to render unusable testing/Empty document
  • Inline html in Markdown source not surviving to final rendered output.
  • ast2md helper breaks links and keeps transcluded code. Not usable yet
  • transcluded code gets persisted inline on edit