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Inspired by mymind iOS app, Blackbox iOS game and terrible iOS clipboards.

aka: Peripheral, Input, AUX (Auxiliary)


A peripheral or peripheral device is an auxiliary device used to put information into and get information out of the computer.

peripheria, from Ancient Greek περιφέρεια (periphéreia, “the line around the circle, circumference, part of a circle, an arc, the outer surface”)

Universal ios sharesheet appwebapp, anything shared to the app is stored, catelogued, linked and editable, sortable, searchable and explorable offline in the app.

I'm prepared to wait as long as needed for Elon Musks NeuraLink to reach primetime but, We cant afford to sit around till then, we need incremental improvements of our Peripherals, over the Keyboard, Mouse and Touch Screens we have today.


jsinlinehidemetaviewer=bookmarkletid=InputBookmarklet: Run Input href:
javascript:(function(){window.location.href = "https://dotlit.org/testing/input_buffer.html?input=" + encodeURIComponent("- [ ] ["+document.title+"]("+location.href+")")

iOS shortcut

Lit 🔥 Input an iOS shortcut which enables sending stuff from anywhere the iOS sharesheet is available, including highlighted text snippets etc, to this (your) Input Buffer.


Bugs and Todos

  • exec=onload output is still buggy.
  • Search 🔍
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Here's a Mock Input§ to test input capture.